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Jorja Fox LIMS
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All Members , Moderated

Hey! Welcome to jorjalims. A Last Icon Maker Standing (LIMS) challenge community dedicated to our favourite actress, Jorja Fox.

I am your moderator, Lys aka sidlechick87

1. You MUST join & friend the community in order to post your entries & take part.
2. We are currently accepting sign ups for the 7TH Challenge. Sign up HERE please.
3. Mondays will be when the Challenges will start. I will post either a picture of Jorja, Maybe even a screen cap from a movie or show.
4. You will be required to read the rules carefully and will be able to ONE icon with the picture provided and you MUST follow the guidelines of THAT Challenge.
5. Your icons will be due before the FRIDAY before MIDNIGHT.
6. Once the voting round is posted you vote for your THREE LEAST Favourite icons, and explain why using CONSTRUCTIVE criticism AS WELL as you ONE Favourite.
7. Monday morning the eliminated maker, the round winner and the mod's choice will be posted, followed by the next round.
8. This will continue until we have ONE Icon winner left, thus leaving us with the winner; The LAST ICON MAKER STANDING :D

icon submission rules:
1. One icon PER person.
3. Skips are not allowed for the first round.
4. MUST be 100 x 100, no larger than 40kb. LJ size.
5. Animations are not allowed unless specified.
6. Brushes, textures and text are all encouraged.
7. All icons must be original and for THIS lims, please so not post them anywhere else until after the next challenge has been posted.

1. Upon entering, you are granted with ONE skip.
2. You are alowed up to THREE skips in total, the last two are earned by pimping.
3. If you pimp in three places (comms, your LJ etc etc) and provided us with evidence of you doing so, you will be granted your last two skips. SKIP POST

In order to assure us that you have read the rules you MUST provide me with your fave Jorja MOMENT. (It can be a picture or just a quote...)

Posting example for Challenges:
(IF you have an LJ photobook, you CANNOT use the link from there!)

YOU MUST USE TINY PIC TO UPLOAD ALL ENTRIES, NO PERSONAL PHOTO BUCKETS ANYMORE. Sorry, we've had many complains about picking the maker rather than the icon.

If the rules are not followed, immediate removal of the challenge WILL happen.

gsrart,jorjaallaround, grissomsaralims, piper_sills, keiralims, griss_lims

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LAYOUT CODES BY: milou_veronica